My Chance to Be A Superhero

There was a time the whole world was falling apart. At least that was my initial thought when my project started failing. For a day or two there was no reply from anyone I tried contacting, my plan B for printing failed, so did plan C, as you can see from the photos. In the meantime, I spoke to a bunch of people, who I thought had at least the body structure to replace my model for the presentation photoshoot. It wouldn’t fit a few girls, however, and I received a merciless decline from the one who seemed most appropriate.

The following few days, however, I managed to proceed with my printing and laser cutting, as the university had found a replacement for the missing technician. On the bright side, I learned how to print by myself and how exactly laser cutting works, as I got to do lots of it myself. There were a few mistakes and complications with both laser cutting and printing at the beginning, however, luckily I managed to get everything right for my final outfit.


Just in time for the photoshoot, I succeeded in finding someone who seemed like a potentially good fit for my garment. All my fears that it wouldn’t actually fit her were gone after she put on the clothing. It looked astonishing on her and both my sister’s and my outfits looked amazing together, also because the models looked really good next to each other. Thanks to all the amazing assistants, both super talented models, and our awesome photographer, Ana-Maria Molnar, we all enjoyed an incredibly successful photoshoot.

There will soon be a post with some of the results. Meanwhile, I can only point out that again I am reassured that obstacles, annoying as they seem when they first appear, are probably the best thing that could happen. They don’t destroy ideas, but create bonds, don’t discourage you from your goals, but test how powerful and achievable they are, don’t prevent the creative process, but push it to your own limits.

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