Testing T1 [Tension and Fit]

Strech has turned my current project into a big mathematical equation and my sketchbook into a scientific book, but challenges turn out to be a massive drive to make the best possible fit for Emma, my model and tennis player.

Surprisingly, my first toile worked out pretty good, as Emma looks pleased with the way it fits her and the comfort of the fabric and seams next to her skin. I have found, however, a few weak points in my toile, such as the width of the short hems and the length of their elastic band. Changing these would make the shorts much more comfortable and better fitting.


Another problem seems to be the excess fabric on the back and front neckline of the sports bra. Taking a couple of centimeters would undoubtedly make the fit much better for my second toile. What I also need to change is the distance between the bra cups, as at the moment they seem to be too far apart.

Although it is not in direct contact with the skin, my top should fit perfectly, just like the shorts and the bra. The main issue with it at the time seems to be the tension of the armholes and their width. By lowering them and making them slightly bigger, I will make sure they don’t pull the whole top, but rather fit nicely and comfortably. For this reason, I will also change the cover seam machine I am using to the same one I have chosen for my bra.

In hope for a better fit, I am currently working on the second toile. Wish me luck…

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