The Better The Better

Range planning is tricky, especially when it comes to presenting it in a proper way. Illustrations should be neither too technical, nor too creative, contain just the right amount of details and information. Unlike technical drawings, their purpose is not to inform, but rather to give an idea how a certain type of clothing would look with a variety of colors, textures, and designs. However, range planning strongly differs from illustrating, as it should contain far more information proportion- and silhouette-wise. Unless there is a certain shape to apply your color palette and materials to, product range plans become useless.

Wandering between my previous range CADs with too much information on them that made them look like technical drawings, and the ones with not nearly enough such to convey the idea of proportions, with these ones I am aiming at the ‘golden middle’.

With my silhouettes in place this time I got to play around with difference in the color proportions and materials, I have also some slight design alterations in my Wimbledon range, as there is sadly, no getting away with the white color rule.

Not surprisingly, however, colors play an enormous role in the way the garment appears, and so looks like an entirely different one when the dominating color changes from a light one to a dark one, or from a warm to a cold one. Changes are not a bad thing, however, as long as they remain within the main color palette and, most importantly, fit the mood and feeling of the collection.

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