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Yeah, I know, what a mess! I now feel like those pop singers from the 90s, who had to start writing Christmas songs in July. Especially now, that the seasons are moving, honestly, I get so confused when I’m boiling in October, but freezing in July.

To be fare, thinking of a product range is not an easy task itself. The funny part is I was convinced it would be the easiest job in the world until I sat down one afternoon with my notebook open in front of me. You know how when you are writing you are being completely honest with yourself? Yeah, I know, I couldn’t lie to myself that any of the ideas that had already crossed my mind were actually good enough to be put down on paper.

I wrote them down anyway. And I crossed them out.



I know my customer is an explorer, an adventurer and innovator, an unique, positive, mature person. Fearless, loving, changing, growing, accepting, appreciating. Living beautifully.

So what does a person like that need? Do they need socks, for instance? Surely they must have one or two clean pairs in the wardrobe. Trousers? I bet they do, but… some really nice ones already exist. What else can I give them that they actually need for their everyday activities that could protect and comfort them, make them feel unique and confident at the same time and encourage them to be and explore themselves?


I know! They need color, and protection, and vision. They need uniqueness, something that they would identify with the minute they see it.

A jacket, protective one, windproof, waterproof, breathable, soft, lightweight, COLORFUL. Definitely something quite special about a jacket, something hidden, that only my customers know about. A secret, hidden in the pocket of their new jacket, a crazy print on the inside of a beautifully designed piece of clothing to cheer them up and give them confidence to experience, change and be themselves, confidence to live beautifully.


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