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This collection, specially adjusted for the contemporary traveler, the nomad of today, features details, showing the thought process behind months of research and studio work.

Aside from the functional and sustainable materials used throughout this project, we consider creative concepting and construction the pinnacle of versatile design. As 112/112 is a collection entirely based on adaptability, we have included precise detailing and attention to each singular stitch.

Outfit One consists of a four-way stretch swimsuit with an engineered-printed brand logo lycra and a versatile coat/blanket/towel. The binding tension of the swimwear is specially adjusted to hug the wearer’s body perfectly, and the pattern is extremely flattering. When it comes to the coat, it is to be worn both as a short- and long-sleeved piece, additionally serving the purpose of a soft woolen blanket, and a recycled microfiber towel, not allowing vapor through the inner layer.


Outfit number two offers a stretch travel dress with antimicrobial qualities and adjustable width and a printed lightweight waterproof jacket, easy to fold, breathable and resilient. They all have a specially designed and handmade logo plate attached. An addition to this look is a lightweight waterproof travel bag with fastening by Kvadrat, design features matching the coat.

Second to last, this look is for the keen nomad, moving places, switching environments, in the need for comfort and desire for availability. The thermoregulating stretch neoprene trousers provide just that, the extra stretch crotch panel making every movement possible, much like thermal leggings, except much cooler. A variety of pockets with various shapes decorates the front and back of this piece, and reflective tape too if you would rather be safe on the road. The top matching is also stretch with a comfortable turtle neck design and no, it is not itchy, but rather soft and antimicrobial. Pseudo sleeves on the side of the shoulder to show how cool you are.

And finally, an outfit rich in buckles: detachable, functioning as a knife, spark, and a whistle, they are literally to save the wearer’s life in an emergency situation. Apart from that, stretch engineered printed swimsuit and a pair of stretch trousers, decorated with a belt from a sailing rope and, of course, the must: our logo plate.

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