Travelling is not simply about holidays and visiting friends and family anymore. We hit the road to work, network, explore new opportunities and sometimes rediscover ourselves. It is the time of contemporary nomads: the photographers, businessmen, web developers, journalists and teachers, scientists, students and families. 112/112 is a collection for all of them, developed with the close advice of digital nomads and tested through my own experience travelling.

112/112 includes functional garments for a variety of environmental conditions and visually and practically inspired by contemporary nomads. A key feature of each garment is the sustainable aspect, represented by the use of long-lasting natural materials and recycled ocean plastic, as this is a priority for the majority of travellers.

Outfit 1 consists of a versatile dress, which could be worn as a short (lycra) sleeved dress that ties around the body, using the long sleeves, and a (Yorkshire wool) long sleeves for the colder weather. Its interior consists of recycled plastic waterproof microfibre, which is extremely soft and comfortable when put on after a swim. The dress also turns into a soft woollen blanket, which is still dry, as the microfibre does not let any water reach the woollen exterior. A 4-way stretch swimsuit underneath the dress allows complete comfort and ease of movement in the water, it is made out of highest quality sublimation printed lycra and fits to the body like a second skin.


Outfit 2 includes a stretch thermoregulating travel dress, which adjusts to a varying body weight (a frequent result of moving places). It incorporates comfortable stretch binding for the armholes, reflective paracord and anti-corrosive eyelets. Its length and turtle neck make it suitable for a variety of occasions and an extremely comfortable choice for a day of travelling. The jacket in this outfit is extremely lightweight and waterproof, breathable, dirt-repellent, wind-resistant and very easy to fold. It is also non-creasing, incorporating one front and one back digitally printed flap. Its adjustable hood creates space, but also insulates when needed. All the trims are anti-corrosive. The interior of the jacket is a pure silk material, which makes it pleasant and soft to the touch.


Outfit 3 combines a thermoregulating 4-way stretch trouser and an antibacterial 4-wat stretch top. The bottoms are abundant in pockets with different shapes to store camera equipment and other travel accessories, whereas the decorative tape is reflective for safety. The top is tight on the waist with an elegant turtle neck and eyelets with paracord gently falling on the shoulders.

Outfit 4 consists of 4-way stretch trousers and a digitally printed swimsuit. The bottom is thermoregulating neoprene with pockets and survival buckle, which incorporates a whistle, a small knife and a fire sparking quartz. The swimsuit is a 4-way stretch branded piece for extreme comfort in the water, it has a detachable stretch tape holding another survival buckle to the back.

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