Graduate Catwalk

In the world of fashion, designers find their creative climax not in the income or fame, as you might think, but rather in each collection’s fashion show. The models, lights, upbeat music and the feeling that you have just shared months’ worth of work, sleepless nights, worries and thorough decision making with a room of people – all this evokes a sensation of pride and satisfaction. This is why, one can imagine the feeling in the hearts of 70 inexperienced designers, first facing such an exposure of their work.



The preparation of the show is almost as demanding as the collection concepting: expectations, expectations and more of the same is what every public event is forged out of. A crowd of demanding, seeking, curious pairs of eyes, and the designer’s own, more cautious and critical than any other. Perhaps, fashion journalists ought to refer to the designers more so than to the fashion critics, as, after all, there is no client or observer more pretentious than the creator.

So, if the world of fashion were to function in this manner, I believe quite a proportion of the designers would be jobless. This is why I am going to introduce you to my collection on the catwalk: without judgement, or justification. I would rather leave that to you.

Images: Gemma Worrall and Sarah Charlotte

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