In accordance with the chill vibe of the whole tennis collection, we shot a short film to depict the sensation of enjoyment and satisfaction of the game. Just like the U.S. Open court, we chose to shoot on a beautiful bright blue court with a sea view and abundant sunlight. The perfect conditions for our desired visual outcome were on point.

With the warm sea breeze and the players’ rackets ready we made a start to an extremely tiring, but also beautiful and enjoyable 3-hour game, which featured a bunch of incredible services and graceful forehands. Reflecting the mood of the garments, both Emma and Josh were super smiley and positive, contributing to the mutual feeling of enjoyment.

With lots of energy and positivity, we also made a final test of the garments, checking if all the pockets and trims work at the best level possible and both of the outfits are comfortable to play in. In addition, we chose a playful tune to match the concept of the collection and made some awesome drone shots to show the beautiful blue of the court with our logo on it.

In the end, I would like to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to our super cool filmmaker, Chris Chalton, and both of our tennis players, Emma Smith and Joshua Squires, who worked with us throughout the whole project, agreeing to try on every toile, test the garments, give us thorough feedback, play for 3 hours non-stop and being the most awesome models on Earth. Thanks, guys! 🙂

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