Vintage Rackets Go with Polaroid Shots

In the laid-back, classical style of the collections, Yana and I got our models a vintage sports racket to complete a more genuine photoshoot. Everyone was having fun playing with it while shooting some genuine and unplanned postures. My favorite from this series are the ones where the models got to just play around and chat. Even I hadn’t expected such good results and the whole mood of the shoot was achieved according to the main ideas of fluidity and movement in the collection.

The vintage color palette was enhanced by the photo edit that worked out unexpectedly nicely with the mood of the garments. Although our photographer, Ana- Maria, used her own digital camera for the shots, we wanted to achieve a more classical and natural look, so we took out our grandparents’ old Polaroid and took some shots with it. Bearing the heritage of their generation, it allowed us to accomplish a modest appearance, while the 600 series black and white film we used did an amazing job contouring the shapes and fluidity and capturing the genuine posture of the models.

It was a perfect way for the project to come together, as I was initially unsure in what way I was supposed to convey the casual classical spirit of the outfits. Furthermore, I believe we succeeded in communicating the idea of masculinity for the male collection, also looking good in combination with the femininity and fluidity of the female one.

And finally, with everyone enjoying themselves, whatever the outcome of the photoshoot, it would have been as successful as I see it now.

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