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Depicting all the technical details of an outfit might seem quite dull. However, considering the amount of creative energy I have put into this project, I enjoy preparing my technical pack more than usual. Loaded with tons of chocolate and good music, with a solid amount of work and consideration behind my back, and the complete understanding of what exactly I’m doing, I get down to some serious hours of work.

Writing the word ‘work’ doesn’t feel right for this project- having been through a number of difficulties and decision making, doing the illustrations seems easier than ever before. Placing all the stitching and trimming, illustrating my prints, laser cuts, patterns, shapes just allows me to take a step back and look at my project from the beginning. Doing all of that also evokes a sense of pride and happiness with the amount and quality of work I’ve done, and most of all, with the way I have done it and the way I have been feeling throughout those three months doing it. It has been a project, full of variety and self-expression, overcoming limits and creating new ones, and overcoming them too.

For those technical drawings, I am hopeful that the audience can see what I see – a clear explanation of a beautiful outfit, and feel what I feel – a bond and expression, fluidity, femininity, and freedom.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed putting your tech packs together, I think you either love or hate the process ( I mostly love them!) and it shows that you enjoyed them! Moving forward it would be great for you to start developing some brushes in illustrator that you can use for your stitch lines and other trim details. Also try to work through the garments in a methodical way so that you don’t miss any details (like hem stitching etc). Well done on creating clear CAD work.

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