Testing T2 [Comfort, Trims and Fit]

Based on Emma’s personal preferences and requirements I am in the process of designing the best possible fit for her. In order to look stunning on the court, she should first and most importantly be super confident and comfortable while playing. This is why with my second toile for the project I’m double checking if all the seams and trims are correctly positioned, strong enough and with just the right amount of stretch.

My top worked out incredibly well for this second toile, as it fits just perfectly and looks really flattering. Emma also finds it really comfortable and likes the fabrics and colors I’m using. The Coolmax¬†white top is designed to go with a see-through chiffon skirt to enhance every movement during the game and make it look like a dance.


I keep failing to estimate the right size of the bra underneath, although after this toile I think I know where my key mistake is: I have too much fabric on the back and there is way too much distance between both of my cup panels. I also need more tension on the armholes. Luckily, the elastic band seems just the right size.

I am also extremely happy with my shorts, as this time they fit perfectly, including the hems and the waistband. I have also enlarged the tennis ball pocket, allowing Emma to operate with the ball as quickly as possible during the game.

With a fair amount of fitting I am now to proceed with my next make and hopefully this time everything will fit perfectly.

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