Mood board UpDaTeD

As you have probably read in one of my previous posts, I was initially quite happy with the new mood board I made for this Adidas project. It represents the laid-back feeling of the collection, as well as the fluidity and color palette. On top of it all, it is quite feminine, just like the garments in my design range. This is the reason I have decided to keep it more or less identical when remaking it again.

‘Why would you remake it if you are happy with it?’, would be your question. Well, my simple answer is: ‘Why not?’. There is actually no particular reason why I have made these slight alterations to my main piece of visual inspiration, nor have I felt the need to change it. Indeed, it happened quite spontaneously after I finished my final illustrations for the collection. I liked them so much and felt so strongly that they communicate the whole feel of my designs and what this entire project is about, that it would have been a shame not to include at least one of them in my mood board – the only image I refer to in order to make every single step in the creative process. Also, I think it completes the visual message of my project, by providing the spectator with a quick and intense image, containing months of work behind it.

I reckon it is also quite important that, however simplistic the mood board looks, it conveys the meaning of fluidity, leisure, and femininity, incorporated in such a beautiful sport like tennis.

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