Engaged doesn’t mean married… [ project plans fail]

Just a few hours ago my Adidas project seemed perfectly planned. At this current moment, however, I am left with no model attending either the photoshoot, the film shoot, or my presentation in May, and with no opportunity to do my laser cutting and printing at the university

Having arranged all the details with the technicians and my model, their absence just before my hand-in on 4th May seems like the worst thing possible to happen right now. It wouldn’t have been that bad either if I hadn’t planned the exact day of the shoot at the beginning of next week and hadn’t spoken to a filmmaker about all the details already. How do I reschedule if nothing is certain yet?

However difficult it is to make plans being in that situation, I have sent emails to some of my friends in case I can’t find a person with a car to drive me all the way to Southampton to pick up my model and I have messaged technicians to help me. For the prints, I have got in touch with a local printing company and will now see what they can offer.

The whole project might turn out to be really pricey, but I still want to make it as nice and close to my concept as possible. In fact, keeping my concept would be the best thing that could come out, although if printing doesn’t work in time I might have to change my designs, which I realize will be an incredibly difficult thing to do just before the hand-in. I have also tested ways to paint my print with a textile paint and all of my fabrics seem to react incredibly well with the paint and the colors work out nicely. This is why I’m going to leave painting as an option if nothing else works.

I know I should be stressed out, but honestly, I don’t even feel this way. Instead, I now feel a much stronger bond with the project and my concept and also that I own it. So, if I manage to keep the concept and still make the project as I want it, whatever happens further I will be proud of myself.

1 thought on “Engaged doesn’t mean married… [ project plans fail]

  1. This is an awesome post, show everything from your experience and your reaction to that experience. It shows a really mature approach to adversity – but also a creative flair for maybe solving your problems.

    If you had not blogged about all these trials and tribulations would amount to not much. No you have an exception blog to show for it and some beautiful textile painting samples to boot.

    Great work!

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